Southend Therapy

Fed up of feeling down?

Anxious about everyday things? Bored of being stuck in a rut? Unable to live life to the full? Lacking confidence in some situations, or in life generally?

Ready to help you today, with

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bereavement and other losses
  • Relationships
  • Fears and phobias
  • Anger

I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation either on Zoom or face-to-face at the Body Matters clinic in Leigh-on-Sea.

Call or text me me today on 07805 031 291 with absolutely no obligation to get started with your journey!

What is counselling?

A counselling session is a ‘safe space’ in which to talk about issues that are affecting you. You do not have to be in crisis to be in therapy, it could be that you feel stuck, fed-up, bored, or just think that your life should be more fulfilling and happier than it is.

A professional counsellor will help you explore options open to you, but will never tell you what to do or how you should feel.

How does it work?

BWRT, or BrainWorking Recursive Therapy is a model of psychology and psychotherapy created by UK professional therapist Terence Watts, MCGI. It is a totally confidential method that doesn’t require you to reveal your private information or personal secrets to your therapist, and is carried out in a completely conscious state.

It doesn’t use hypnosis or any mystical concepts – it’s completely logical, practical and down-to-earth, and only needs you to know what you want to change in your life for it to be completely successful. Only Certified Practitioners have been trained to deliver BWRT and all have to adhere to a strict ethical code. I am a Registered Advanced Member of the Terence Watts BWRT Institute.

Click here for a video explaining more about BWRT.

Fed up of feeling down? Text me today on 07805 031 291